Additional benefits

Part of the rules of the sustainable eel standard is also to: use little eels (elvers) to stock the eel farms, who then can let them grow on for the table.

This is our product : smoked eels, by buying our sustainable product you then support all the project surrounding the return of the eels because revenue from the sales is used to subsidise the cost involved.




Product Information

This product is smoked eel and we are proud of it.

We are members of the sustainable eel group.

This  product is traceable back to the production farm therefore it can come under the Sustainable Eel group Certificate no SEG-0019 

If it is not a farmed eel it will be written on the outer packaging as wild eel and this will not be supported by the Sustainable Eel Group.

It's your choice, we hope you will use and encourage sustainable eel.



Our Products

We sell 100 gram 200 gram filleted, fully labelled and vacuum packed for retail and whole sale.

Also we sell 250 gram and 500 gram filleted and vacuum packed for catering and whole sale.