The Dutch Eel Company have been in the eel trade for more than 20 years in England using their lorry to buy eels from all over England and Holland. They are the only eel merchant based in the UK. The Dutch Eel Company Limited can also fish for eels and clear out lakes on request, but their main business is the trade of live eels and the smoking of eels.

They are specialists in smoking eels, as eels are famous in Holland and classed as a delicacy - therefore they do not smoke any other fish but concentrate only on eels and as such, the quality of the eels is excellent. 

Best Choice for Quality

As the Dutch Eel Company Limited only trade in live eels they've got the best choice in terms of quality.

In Spring 2003 The Dutch Eel Company took over the business of Beales Eels.

Unfortunately Mr. Beales (who was one of The Dutch Eel Company's customers for live eels) had a stroke. He commanded the market in London with his smoked eels and was very impressed with their product. As a result, Mr. Beales decided to pass his market on to The Dutch Eel Company Ltd.

If you would like to know more about smoked eels, please see do not hesitate to contact Corine Rozendaal for more information - from the reaction of chef's using the eels, they are obviously of very high quality.

The Sustainable Eel Standard

The Dutch Eel Company is a responsible and reliable Company. 

We are members of the Sustainable eel group, what does this mean? 

The Sustainable Eel Standard has been developed as part of the solution for the sustainable recovery of the European Eel.

You can read a more outlined information on the web side of the sustainable eel group: www.sustainableeelgroup.com

The Sustainable Eel Standard 

The standard has been designed to:

•  Enable operators to demonstrate high standards and their commitment to sustainability

•  Encourage high and responsible standards through the supply chain, from fishery to market

•  Encourage sustainable practices and sustainable markets

•  Discourage unsustainable practices and unsustainable markets

•  Provide confidence to customers who wish to buy responsibly

A bit more about eels

The eels are born at sea they come back to continue their development, because the coastline is very much protected with barriers that young eels have great difficulty reaching fresh water.

The Eels are also under threat from pollution, natural predators, water treatment plants and pumping stations and fishing ( we must state that this operation is tightly controlled and there are not many professional fishermans left in the U.K.)

The good news is: eel sustainability is improving and it is noticeable.

The restocking of waters, helping the silver eel over the bank (in Holland this is a major project) so they can move away to spawn and eel ladders over concrete barriers are all thanks to studies, taken action in time and in the years to come the public will start  notice the difference too, because from now on eels are in the news but in a positive way.